Powell River Sectoral Strategy for the Creative Economy

Powell River Educational Services Society

Sources of Funding
ICET Contribution:$25,000
City of Powell River and PRRD:$10,00
Tla'amin Nation:$5,000
Powell River Educational Services Society:$5,000
Vancouver Island University:$5,000
Total Budget: $50,000

Powell River has a long history of valuing cultural assets, intertwined with its identity as a resource sector town. While economic drivers shift away from traditional resource industries, the town’s cultural assets remain a strong platform for economic diversification.

Already home to an emerging creative sector, the Creative Economy Strategic Plan leverages Powell River’s cultural assets into a sustainable economic driver. The project involves consultation with key stakeholders and formation of a steering committee to identify cultural assets and opportunities for development. Specific deliverables include an asset inventory and 5-year plan of actionable projects that will promote growth, innovation and entrepreneurial activity in the creative sector.

The strategy is expected to benefit existing businesses in the creative sector, as well as proliferate new business concepts and entrepreneurial innovation. Anticipated project outcomes include new education programs for youth, attraction of digital-media businesses, and new supports for creative startups and entrepreneurs.

person years employment created (construction phase)
locally elected officials and MLAs working together
million annual provincial government revenue generated
post completion jobs created
dollars leveraged for every ICET dollar invested
million leveraged into the region
million disbursed
million committed
economic development projects
projects completed
projects in small (less than 5,000) communities
communities with ICET projects

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