Zeballos Economic Development Strategy

Village of Zeballos

Sources of Funding
Westcoast Aquatic Management Association:$16,000
Total Budget: $32,000

The Village of Zeballos is a historic gold mining frontier town nestled in Vancouver Island’s North Coast. Although gold mines put Zeballos on the map, forestry would support the Village throughout most of its history and remains the most significant economic driver today. In an effort to increase its economic development capacity and address the ongoing decline in economic activity, Zeballos created an economic development strategy.

The two-phased project started with the development of a community profile and a corresponding analysis of the region’s primary economic drivers, as well as social and physical features. Next, key economic indicators were identified for project tracking purposes. The second phase of the project involved the development of a collaborative Integrated Sustainability Plan (ISP) and a community economic development approach (CED).

The second phase of the Zeballos Economic Development Strategy was completed in 2014 and the Strategy is now a core economic development resource for Zeballos and nearby communities. With improved understanding of the community’s economic, social and physical strengths and weaknesses, Zeballos is poised to develop new and exciting economic development initiatives. The strategy has led to the development of feasibility plans for possible tourism initiatives as well as the potential development of a joint tourism initiative in partnership with other communities and stakeholders in the region.



person years employment created (construction phase)
locally elected officials and MLAs working together
million annual provincial government revenue generated
post completion jobs created
dollars leveraged for every ICET dollar invested
million leveraged into the region
million disbursed
million committed
economic development projects
projects completed
projects in small (less than 5,000) communities
communities with ICET projects

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