Innovation leadership is required to ensure our regional economy is positioned to respond to global change and new advancements in technology. Innovation funding will help drive and support growth of the technology sector and tech related projects across industry sectors. Innovation funding may also support industry and business support organizations to increase the level of innovation, productivity, and competitiveness in key sectors such as agri-food, forestry or aquaculture. This could also include funding which supports pioneering of “new ways of doing things” to enable communities, business or industry to seize innovation opportunities or adapt to change and new technology.

person years employment created (construction phase)
locally elected officials and MLAs working together
million annual provincial government revenue generated
post completion jobs created
dollars leveraged for every ICET dollar invested
million leveraged into the region
million disbursed
million committed
economic development projects
projects completed
projects in small (less than 5,000) communities
communities with ICET projects

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