Building a Sustainable, Local Food System that Supports Texada’s Entrepreneurs

“Our food hub has a clear role within the food loop; and is a place where local food can be aggregated and turned around to sell locally.”

How Revitalizing a Park Can Create a Greater Sense of Place

“The community has already successfully hosted events at West Park and we have more planned for the future”

Driving Opportunities for Economic Development in Rural and Remote Areas

“The lack of a driver’s license has been widely determined as the number one barrier to employment for Indigenous people.”

Small-scale Seafood Entrepreneurs Go Further and Faster through Accelerator Program

“We’re producing less than 1% of what we could be in this province, and we are exporting 90% of that 1%. Every single participant in this program is working to close that gap.”

Canada's Elite Rowing Athletes Make North Cowichan Home

“We’re continually looking at more ways to foster community integration and so far, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s important that the community feels invested and some ownership over the rowers’ successes.” 

About Island Coastal Economic Trust

We strategically invest in inclusive economic development, diversification, and innovation in partnership with communities across Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast, and island and inlets from the Salish Sea to Cape Caution.

Learn about how we empower communities and our regional impact in our latest Impact Report. 

$59 million

invested in communities

$323 million

total investment impact


permanent jobs created