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We invest in community-led projects through a range of strategic funding programs focused on building a sustainable and resilient economy across the coast. We do this by investing in major infrastructure projects, supporting innovation, building community investment readiness, creating community public places, and helping in rural economic recovery.

We support a wide range of strategic economic development, diversification, and innovation initiatives. Through these efforts, communities establish vital regional and community-based assets, amenities, and services. This, in turn, helps create good jobs, strengthen wellbeing, and build a more resilient coastal economy.

We fund community-driven projects that reimagine everyday spaces and realize the potential of parks, downtowns, waterfronts, plazas, neighborhoods, streets, markets, campuses, and public buildings across the coast.

We help communities build economic development capacity, increase their investment readiness, and provide services to local businesses across the coast.

With funding from the Province of B.C., we support forestry-reliant communities as they adapt to changes resulting from B.C.’s new forest management system and other economic impacts to the forest sector.

We offer bursaries, sponsorships, and internships as part of our ongoing commitment to support economic development collaboration and learning across the coast.