Northern Vancouver Island Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Network

As of 2020, there are over 7,300 electrical vehicles on Vancouver Island

Assessing Local Energy Solutions to Improve the Region’s Electrical Grid Reliability

Community Carbon Marketplace

Since 2007, the majority of BC local governments have voluntarily signed on to the BC Climate Action Charter, a commitment to carbon neutrality.  While these communities are implementing strategies to become carbon neutral, several have had to purchase carbon offsets.  These purchases have resulted in local money being used to purchase carbon offsets outside the… Continue reading Community Carbon Marketplace

Gibsons Geo-Exchange District Energy Utility


The earth produces renewable energy in the form of ground-source heat and geo-exchange is a method of harnessing heat energy for use in homes and businesses.  The Gibsons Geo-exchange District Energy Utility (GDEU) is a municipal energy utility project that will capture renewable energy from in-ground heat exchangers located on municipally-owned greenspace.  The GDEU will… Continue reading Gibsons Geo-Exchange District Energy Utility