The world has changed significantly in a very short time. Over the last few weeks, our Island and Coastal communities and organization partners have quickly come together to show impressive solidarity, ingenuity and support during these trying times.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to all stakeholders throughout the region as we continue to work with senior governments, and all of you, to support immediate economic recovery and adaptation in addition to longer-term economic diversification.

The Tourism sector is a key facet of the economy and of quality of life in most of our region’s communities. The impact of COVID-19 tourism business closures will be significant and especially acute in smaller, rural and remote communities.  We anticipate that the road to recovery may be longer and more difficult for this sector of our economy, due to ongoing global travel restrictions.  The mandated COVID-19 business closures have also created an immediate need, and opportunity, for businesses across all economic sectors to adapt and transition some services and operations online.

In collaboration with trusted regional partners, Tourism Vancouver Island and Innovation Island Technology Association, we have put in place two targeted emergency support service programs to address these priority areas.

Tourism Vancouver Island’s Tourism Resiliency Program provides a range of hands-on assistance services to the region’s tourism operators. The program matches businesses with Tourism Advisors to help navigate available resources, relief and business adaptation measures. Advisors will work with subject matter experts and, as business needs evolve, provide one-on-one coaching and referrals to these expert resources to facilitate long-term business adaptation and resilience.

Innovation Island Technology Association’s DER3 Program offers one-to-one services and technical consultations for businesses that are considering entering or expanding their online presence or putting technology-based tools in place to better serve their needs. When required, the program will also match businesses with regional service providers who can deliver contracted solutions.

Both programs are currently underway and accepting applications. Please visit their respective websites for more information.

ICET operations proceed as normal To all the communities, organizations and partners with the capacity to continue planning and developing their economic infrastructure, innovation and recovery initiatives, we are here to support you.

Our operations are proceeding as normal, albeit our communications have moved online. We have extended our spring intake dates and are still accepting applications to our Economic Infrastructure and Innovation Program through to May 1, 2020.

As we continue to move forward, safely, towards economic recovery, we urge you to carry on with your projects. Your community will need the stimulus these projects will provide more than ever before. As always, innovative and adaptive initiatives to our evolving “new world order” are particularly welcome.

Please feel free to contact us at: or by phone at: 250-871-7797 during regular business hours. You can also check our Facebook and Twitter pages for regular updates.

Thank you for your partnership and collaboration.
Line Robert CEO Island Coastal Economic Trust (ICET)

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