Project Title:

Gibsons Landing Dock Upgrade Project

Project Organization:

Gibsons Landing Harbour Authority

Project Investment:

  • Island Coastal Economic Trust: $326,668
  • DFO - Small Craft Harbours: $566,410
  • WestCCAP: $250,000
  • Gibsons Landing Harbour Authority: $167,360
  • Total Budget: $1,310,438

Project Highlight:

The new float provides 24 hour access to the docks by barges, independent of tidal conditions.

The Gibsons Landing dock hosts local and visiting recreational boaters, as well as commercial marine vessels. Demand for berths exceeded the harbour’s capacity and commercial fishermen had difficulties loading and unloading their vessels. Due to the lack of infrastructure, revenue from regular vessel maintenance and related services was a lost opportunity for the local economy. The added infrastructure improves dock space for loading and unloading of commercial fishing vessels and safely supports recreational vessel maintenance and moorage.

The upgrade, completed in 2013, added a drive-on concrete float, vehicle access ramp, anchoring system and electrical and water systems to the existing dock facilities. Maintenance of the fishing fleet improved with direct access to vessels, providing benefitting service vehicles, diesel and marine maintenance personnel, refrigeration services and other essential support activities. Safety on the dock improved as hot welding activities could now be carried out on the concrete float. Separating the commercial and recreational areas also provides additional safety improvements.

Loading and unloading efficiencies have reduced spoilage. This has resulted in improved harbour operations for the fishing fleet and barging services, as they now have full tidal access making transportation easier for Gambier, Keats and Paisley Islands. There is docking space for recreational boaters to stop-over and enjoy the area. The improvements support opportunities for new services, such as float plane access and future passenger ferry service to downtown Vancouver.

Island Coastal Economic Trust approved funding for this project in 2012 through the Capital and Innovation program.