Project Title:

Davis Bay Wharf Expansion

Project Organization:

District of Sechelt

Project Investment:

  • Island Coastal Economic Trust: $122,582
  • District of Sechelt: $100,000
  • Sechelt Community Forest Legacy Fund: $100,000
  • Major Giftsand Plank Sales: $111,854
  • West Coast Log Homes - In Kind: $39,497
  • Total Budget: $473,933

Project Highlight:

With approximately 150,000 people visiting the Sunshine Coast each year, mostly by ferry or private vehicle, the wharf is an important tourist amenity.

Davis Bay draws tourists largely because it is the only location between the Langdale Ferry Terminal and Egmont to provide uninterrupted views of Georgia Strait and Vancouver Island. However, to increase the economic potential as a tourism attraction, the capacity, aesthetics and functionality of the area’s wharf had to be improved.

The Davis Bay Wharf project included widening the approach, installing safety handrails, adding a gangway and swim float as well as constructing a gazebo. The wharf’s was increased by approximately 33 per cent with its head extended in both directions. A timber float, suitable for dinghies and mooring buoys, was added to increase access by water.

Completed in January 2015, the project has helped to attract tourists to the bay’s restaurants and bed-and-breakfast operations and helped to increased business opportunity including kayak rentals, scuba diving instruction, outdoor adventure.  The project was designed to complement local revitalization initiatives and attract new residential real estate development.

Island Coastal Economic Trust approved funding for this project in 2015 through the Capital and Innovation program.