Project Title:

Mount Cain Building and Lodging

Project Organization:

Mt Cain Alpine Park Society

Project Investment:

  • Island Coastal Economic Trust: $48,500
  • Mt Cain Alpine Park Society: $49,574
  • Total Budget: $98,074

Project Highlight:

The mountain can now facilitate more guests and new programs, increasing the tourist traffic to communities on the travel route to Mount Cain, such as Sayward and Woss.

Mount Cain is a winter recreation destination known for its unique backcountry ski experience. The Mount Cain Alpine Parks Society has been stewarding a series of facility expansions to sustainably grow Mount Cain both as a recreation destination and as a training facility for winter and summer recreation activities. Mt. Cain is the largest employer of youth in the North Island Region. The construction of the Kapitany Lodge (supported by ICET) had resulted in an increase in overnight visitors as well as an increase in staff, which was displacing visitor beds for staff needs. Consequently, the need to proceed with the planned move of staff accommodation to a new facility became a priority.

The opportunity for a new staff facility presented itself when Kiewit donated the modular buildings from the Kokish hydro project to the Mount Cain Alpine Society. The consolidation of all staff accommodation and administration in the new building would allow for approximately 18 new beds in the visitor facilities.
Funding was required to transport the modular buildings to Mt. Cain and conduct renovations to allow for employee accommodation, offices, training and meeting rooms. New peaked roofs and decks were installed along with kitchen, plumbing and electrical services. The exterior of the facility was also enhanced with wood siding to match the other buildings and the rustic alpine resort feel of Mt. Cain facilities.

This project, completed in 2015, led to an increase in overall revenue for Mount Cain by approximately $3200/weekend and has improved the quality of guest experience. The training facilities provide space to expand programming for winter events, retreats and sports and education seminars as well as new summer programming. This will result in additional temporary and permanent winter and summer employment for youth and adults in the region.

Island Coastal Economic Trust approved funding for this project in 2015 through the Capital and Innovation program.