Project Title:

Rumble Beach Marina

Project Organization:

Village of Port Alice

Project Investment:

  • Island Coastal Economic Trust: $140,000
  • West Coast Community Adjustment Program: $200,000
  • Coast Sustainability Trust: $200,000
  • Village of Port Alice: $60,000
  • Total Budget: $600,000

Project Highlight:

Less than a year after completion, a new charter operator established their business operating from the new marina.

Port Alice, located on Neroutsos Inlet, is known as the “Gateway to the West Coast”, providing access to prime fishing and recreation areas, such as Side Bay, Gooding Cove and Winter Harbour. Marine visitors were discouraged from coming to Port Alice due to the lack of available moorage facilities. Consumer spending that would otherwise occur in the community was diverted because it was not convenient to dock.

The Rumble Beach Marina project included the installation of 8 concrete floats moored to environmentally-friendly steel piles, decked in locally milled red cedar, creating a total of 400 feet of additional moorage space. The new floats provide 12 to 20 small craft slips for transient and commercial boaters and are large enough to accommodate vessels up to 100 feet in length, as well as seaplanes.

Transient commercial and recreational boat traffic, floatplanes and groups of paddlers can now make use of basic marine facilities. Additional traffic will help support and develop Port Alice’s small, but growing tourist economy. Port Alice is now also connected to a network of communities linked by marine tourism, fisheries and aquaculture ventures.

The new facility has provided a base for local commercial marine operators. Less than a year after completion, a new charter operator established its business operating from the new marina.

Island Coastal Economic Trust approved funding for this project in 2014 through the Capital and Innovation program.