Project Title:

West Bamfield Dock

Project Organization:

Alberni Clayoquot Regional District

Project Investment:

  • Island Coastal Economic Trust: $26,745
  • Bamfield Harbour Authority: $26,744
  • Total Budget: $53,489

Project Highlight:

Since project completion, more recreational boaters have increased their stay and accessed services in Bamfield.

Bamfield is a small, remote west coast village located in Barkley Sound at the center of the Pacific Rim National Park. It is accessible only by water or logging road from Port Alberni. Connected by water transportation and without land access from the east side to the west side, the dock is at the heart of the community. The Bamfield dock is part of the waterway used by the community for routine daily travel to work, visiting family, seeing friends, retrieving mail, shopping and deliveries. Designed for a higher volume of commercial boat traffic, and with limited moorage for recreational boats, the aging dock needed a major overhaul.

To make the dock safe and welcoming for travellers, the dock anchors were replaced to provide greater stability. New lighting, a water system, fire extinguishers, spill kit and safety ladders were also installed. A large approach platform leads to a new metal, non-skid ramp with an apron to smooth the transition from ramp to dock. The improved gentle slope easily accommodates people and equipment. Onsite storage and office space were added by providing a small building on the approach platform to assist in effective dock management. A dinghy/pod float was further installed, allowing small boat moorage, and signage was appropriately placed around the dock site identifying safety features.

Now designed for accommodating more small craft, the Bamfield Dock, completed in 2014, offers new opportunities for local entrepreneurs. Fishing, diving, eco tours, and whale watching charters have appropriate facilities for their customers. Pleasure boat traffic has increased and the duration of guest visits has been extended considerably thanks to the addition of potable water, electricity and sanitation services.

Island Coastal Economic Trust approved funding for this project in 2014 through the Capital and Innovation program.