Project Title:

Cumberland Walk-in Campsites

Project Organization:

Cumberland Lake Wilderness Society

Project Investment:

  • Island Coastal Economic Trust: $11,992
  • Applicant Contribution: $11,992
  • Total Budget: $23,984

This project increased the number of campsites at community-managed Lake Park Campground, in order to make up for losses due to Covid19 closures, facilitate more socially distanced camping options, diversify revenue streams and grow tourism traffic.

The walk-in or cycle-in sites have already proved popular, appealing to campers seeking a different experience to traditional car camping or RVing, and aligning with low-impact travel trends. The new sites are located in heavily treed areas overlooking Comox Lake, providing a more immersive ‘deep forest’ feel. This kind of low-impact site was recommended in the Cumberland Lake Park Master Plan that was created in 2014 based on community feedback.

These extra sites add to the community’s range of visitor accommodations, particularly during the summer months when both the campground and the Village of Cumberland have little-to-no vacancy. They also increase exposure and viability for the watersports and food service businesses that operate in the campground.

Island Coastal Economic Trust approved funding for this project in 2020 through the Community Placemaking program.