Project Title:

Lantzville Commercial Core Revitalization

Project Organization:

The District of Lantzville

Project Investment:

  • Island Coastal Economic Trust: $133,000
  • Community/Local Government: $267,000
  • Total Budget: $400,000

Project Highlight:

The current Foothills development, located in Upper Lantzville, is projected to shift more than half of Lantzville’s population to Upper Lantzville. The project will encourage more local spending and reduce the trend of residents travelling outside of Lantzville for goods and services.

The District of Lantzville is a relatively young and small community of 3,600 residents, characterized by its large rural properties, seaside setting and small-town atmosphere. The Village core is a tight-knit community comprised of independent local businesses. For the past 15 years, however, the commercial core has remained dormant and while the community is looking to create a more vibrant atmosphere, there are several barriers. These include safety concerns, lack of pedestrian and cycling infrastructure and lack of planned parking.

The Lantzville Commercial Core Revitalization project comes as a result of the 2018 District of Lantzville Economic Development Strategy, which seeks to create a more attractive, inviting and accessible corridor for residents and visitors and serve as a catalyst for new commercial investment within the Village core. The redevelopment will take place along a 150-metre priority section of Lantzville Road from Caillet to Dickinson Road. Project works include a 2.5 metre, separated multi-use asphalt pathway to improve safety and walkability; parking reconfiguration to emphasize and promote foot traffic, while preserving accesses for businesses; soft landscaped boulevard incorporating natural elements and plants; bioswales to channel waterfall into boulevards and gardened areas; timber posts to define the public realm for pedestrians; bevelled timber seating pods in the pedestrian corridor; and a brick paved pocket plaza in front of Municipal Hall.

The creation of an attractive social gathering place will not only increase community vibrancy but will also help with business retention, expansion, attraction and diversification.

Island Coastal Economic Trust approved funding for this project in 2021 through the Capital and Innovation program.