Project Title:

On-Street Patio Program

Project Organization:

Sechelt Downtown Business Association

Sources of Funding:

  • ICET Contribution: $3,500
  • Applicant Contribution: $3,500
  • Total Budget: $7,000


This project facilitated the installation of two on-street patios to address the lack of outdoor gathering spaces, and eating areas required to maintain physical distancing requirements during Covid19. The location of the patios in two on-street parking stalls resulted in more sidewalk space to maintain physical distancing requirements.

The addition of outdoor public seating for restaurant goers and shoppers is intended to encourage increased patronage at surrounding businesses and foster greater vitality and traffic in the downtown area. The patios double as much-needed, year-round public gathering spaces for community members and visitors, and new event spaces for local performances.

Project Completion Date:

November 2021