Project Title:

Streaming the Tide and Beyond

Project Organization:

Tidemark Theatre Society

Sources of Funding:

  • ICET Contribution: $15,000
  • Total Budget: $71,000


This project helped Campbell River’s Tidemark Theatre Society (TTS) to upgrade their existing digital infrastructure and procure new livestreaming technology. Upgrades to their website were necessary for online ticket sales and monetized web streams. Using the livestreaming technology, TTS was able to host a world film premiere at the annual Arts and Earth Festival with 40 people in attendance, and livestreamed to double that number. TTS was also able to support the city with their environmental stewardship awards ceremony, and record a Vancouver Island Symphony performance. Most importantly they were able to retain their staff, and adhere to their vision and mandate, all while reimagining their working model with the future in mind.

Project Completion Date:

September 2020