Project Title:

Town of Ladysmith – Transfer Beach Amphitheatre Main Stage Tent and Storage Unit

Project Organization:

Town of Ladysmith

Sources of Funding:

  • ICET Contribution: $25,000
  • 4VI: $25,000
  • Total Budget: $50,000

Quick Facts:

Transfer Beach Amphitheatre is named because it was originally the location of a dock that facilitated the “transfer” of coal to Vancouver.


The amphitheater at Transfer Beach Park in Ladysmith is in the town’s most popular recreational space and within walking distance to Ladysmith’s heritage downtown core.  

This project will enhance and add vitality to the waterfront amphitheater by installing a durable, portable, and versatile saddle-span tent and on-site storage unit. By adding protection and serving as a focal point for many special events, there will be more opportunities for live music performances, community gatherings, and culturally significant events throughout the year and regardless of weather conditions. 

This innovative design will also foster increased visitor attraction, community pride, and engagement as well as enhance the aesthetics and overall experience for public performances, speakers, and community and cultural gathering places in the community.