Project Title:

Cowichan Regional Economic Development Strategy

Project Organization:

Economic Development Cowichan

Sources of Funding:

  • ICET Contribution: $30,000
  • Applicant Equity: $55,000
  • Total Budget: $85,000

Quick Facts:

Cowichan is located in Canada’s only maritime Mediterranean climatic zone and is home to the warmest year-round temperatures in the country.


The current Economic Development Cowichan (EDC) Strategic Plan (2018-2022) was developed in 2018 and has guided the EDC’s work since that time. A lot has changed over the past five years, including a shift in the broader economic landscape as a result of COVID-19 and a deepening understanding of how economic development can support economic reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, promote equity, and respond to climate change. 

This project offers the opportunity to analyze new priorities, such as labour shortages and workforce housing, by engaging a consultant who will guide the EDC through the process of developing a new regional economic development strategic plan for 2024-29.  

The timing of this initiative also aligns with economic development work underway by several sub-regional entities, including the Municipality of North Cowichan and Ts’uubaa-asatx First Nation.