Project Title:

Lantzville Economic Development Strategy

Project Organization:

Dirstrict of Lantzville

Sources of Funding:

  • ICET Contribution: $30,000
  • District of Lantzville: $52,500
  • Total Budget: $82,500


The District of Lantzville is a small community of 3,600 located within the Nanaimo Regional District. Primarily a residential community, the District has experienced little to no growth in the previous 14 years, with light industrial vacancies and an underutilized downtown core. In response, the District embarked on a collaborative initiative to revitalize economic activity and create a new vision for the community.
The community developed a comprehensive economic development strategy to enhance business retention and expansion. The strategy included an analysis of key economic drivers of the village core, industrial development opportunities, as well as a broad community consultation process. Project deliverables included an action plan, identified partnership opportunities as well as proposed policy changes related to unique community issues.
Completed in September 2018, the community can now build on a long-term economic vision. Key priorities include building a diverse mix of local, industrial, and home-based businesses to support a revitalized village core. Anticipated long-term outcomes include new supports for existing businesses, increased and diversified District revenues, attraction of younger residents and new businesses that meet local values and needs.