Project Title:

Port Alice Economic Development Strategy

Project Organization:

Village of Port Alice

Sources of Funding:

  • ICET Contribution: $15,000
  • Province of BC - JTST: $15,000
  • Total Budget: $30,000


In response to the unforeseen curtailment of operations at Neucel Mill, the Village of Port Alice created an Economic Development Strategy and Implementation Plan, titled Port of Potential: Port Alice’s Economic Development Strategy. The purpose of the strategy and implementation plan is to continue the process of economic diversification and resiliency by creating a strong economic base that can better leverage opportunities and community assets.

Funding for this project was provided as part of a Province of BC and ICET partnership to support short term economic response to the industrial curtailment.

This project included community and business surveys, a community open house, and consultations with Steering Committee members, Village staff, and other key stakeholders. The strategy resulted in six focus areas complete with short, medium, and long-term actions for each of the strategic focus areas. Actions to reduce the Village’s dependence on the local pulp mill, support the development of local employment, and support a more diverse tax base within the Village were also developed.

Port Alice’s Economic Development Strategy has provided the community with a road map toward economic diversification and will support the Village’s efforts to attract and retain the amenities that make Port Alice a desirable location to live and work, assisting in the attraction and retention of skilled workers.