Project Title:

Kelsey Bay Harbour Needs Analysis

Project Organization:

Sayward Harbour Authority

Project Investment:

  • Island Coastal Economic Trust: $5,705
  • Sayward Harbour Authority: $5,705
  • Total Budget: $11,410

Project Highlight:

“The most important part of the process is to engage and develop a good working relationship with the partners and stakeholders involved in the project, directly or indirectly" -Sayward Harbour Authority

Kelsey Bay Harbour, located in the Village of Sayward, has been identified as a strategic asset for the west coast commercial fishery and a high-value access point for marine tourism in the recently completed Sayward Economic Development Strategy. To fully capitalize on the harbour’s potential as a regional economic driver, the community needed to assess the needs of commercial and recreational users of the Harbour, as well as the harbour’s capacity.

This project engaged the Sayward Harbour Authority, Village of Sayward, Hub City Fisheries and other stakeholders as they conducted an analysis of current and future harbour users. This process enabled the community to ensure that the harbour is poised to support new business development while continuing to support existing businesses. At the root of this analysis was a complete site review and stakeholder consultation process. The result is a strategic and technical report which details the harbour’s current capacity and the development required to accommodate future activities.

Completed in 2015, the needs assessment report has been adopted by all stakeholders and has contributed to the development of the next stage of the planning process, the Kelsey Bay harbour redevelopment plan. The plan is expected to attract new businesses, grow existing businesses and provide high-value employment opportunities for residents of the Sayward Valley. To date, the plan has been used to seek funding to implement key infrastructure improvements to support business productivity as well as transient boaters and marine tourism.

Island Coastal Economic Trust approved funding for this project in 2015 through the Investment Readiness program.