VOICES: Supporting community through technology in the Cowichan Valley

Lynne Rozenboom

Lynne Rozenboom, Cowichan Station Area Association
Executive Director

“From a service perspective, this project has been bang-on. People can work safely and effectively and the equipment available for use will help for a long time to come.

The “plug and play” system appeals to a broad range of users. There’s eight different bundles to choose from — this makes it easier to rent and helps people understand what’s available and how to use it.

Renters only started coming back in the late summer, which was actually good timing for our project. By the end of November / early December, we began testing the equipment and folks could get a hold of what the technology could do for them. There was a lot of excitement.

We do see some people stepping back in this second wave of the pandemic, but there are still a lot of people interested in exploring different possibilities. It takes leadership to see the creativity around opportunities.

Our Santa Claus livestreaming event during the holidays, the YouTube workshop on mason bees, the prenatal yoga livestreaming and other community associations’ rentals… all these different events speak to the diverse range of people working and using the new equipment.

The pandemic hasn’t changed our mission, but it has certainly allowed us to do a better job at supporting individuals and groups at a time when we need it most.”

The “HUB Resiliency through Technology” project received $8,252 for the purchase, installation and management of high-end plug and play audiovisual media technology. This has allowed live-streaming, video conferencing, podcasting and recording capability for any individual, start-up, business, government, group or organizational meetings. It has also facilitated educational or skill-sharing and development to pivot with online, real time activity classes, meetings, workshops, performances, fitness and sports.