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Capital and Innovation Program

In 2011, the Trust invested in the development of the Ucluelet Aquarium, a signature visitor attraction and educational experience centre to raise awareness about local marine biodiversity and promote respect for the ocean.

Our Capital and Innovation Program invests in communities of all sizes to implement vital regional and community-based infrastructure to support sustainable economic diversification and growth that strengthens wellbeing. The program can provide up to $200,000 to cover up to 50% of eligible costs for infrastructure projects through three program areas:

  • Industry and Business Development
  • Strategic Tourism Infrastructure
  • Innovation


The program is open to Indigenous communities including Indigenous development corporations, local and regional governments, and not-for-profit organizations.

Application Deadlines

How to Apply

Please review the Application Guide (PDF) for information on who can apply, funding streams, our matched funding requirements, eligible activities and costs, and assessment criteria. 

Please contact Denice Regnier prior to developing your funding application. Denice is available to advise on eligibility and to provide support and insights that will position your project funding application for the highest probability of success when it is reviewed for decision by the Regional Advisory Committee and board of directors. 

Denice Regnier
Manager, Programs and Corporate Affairs

For your project to be considered for review, a fully completed funding application must be received that includes the following: 

Based on our assessment of, and the nature of the application, we may request: 

  • Detailed capital and operating expenditure budgets 
  • A financial plan (forecast) for the project’s start-up period that demonstrates the project can be financially sustainable  

If available: 

  • Current strategic plan and annual report from the organization that’s applying 
  • Letters of support from communities and partners demonstrating the local and/or regional benefits of the proposed project 
  • Permits or approvals 
  • Confirmation of matching funding 

Funding Decisions

Winter 2024 Spring 2024 Fall 2024
February 16 May 17 October 18

Once we receive a complete funding application, our staff review all information and prepare a recommendation for review by the Regional Advisory Committee at their next scheduled meeting. Based on the application receiving a committee recommendation, the Trust board of directors will review the application and make a funding decision. Funding decisions are typically provided in less than 60 days of most recent application intake deadline.

Funding requests for $50,000 or less and all funding requests under the Innovation Support funding stream can be approved in one funding intake.

For funding requests greater than $50,000 up to the program maximum of $200,000, the initial (Stage 1) application will be reviewed by the Regional Advisory Committee and board of directors. The committee and board may invite applicants to submit a full application (Stage 2) for decision. This is beneficial for large-scale capital projects to receive feedback from the committee and board prior to the project having all its necessary capital planning completed. Applications may be referred to applicants to address specific gaps or deficiencies in the project planning or documentation submitted to the committee and board before a funding decision can be made.

Project Reporting for Approved Projects

Once approved, we will provide applicants with a funding agreement and the project will commence. We proactively work with the leads of each funded project to meet the reporting and funding milestones in each funding agreement. Funds are disbursed for projects following receipt of supporting invoices and approval of quarterly progress reporting.All reports should be provided in our standardized reporting format, which we will provide to you ahead of reporting milestones.  

In addition to progress reporting, a final report is required for each funded project upon its completion detailing the project’s performance and resulting outcomes. Final reports must provide narrative and quantitative outcomes spanning the following: 

  • Summary of the approved work activities that were completed; 
  • Details of the project’s outcomes as identified in the final report form; 
  • Financial information that accounts for all funding contributions andexpenditures for the project; 
  • Photography of the project’s construction, new employees, the completed infrastructure or equipment in operation, the project’s grand opening, and others to support knowledge sharing and storytelling about the project. 

Contact Us

Whether you are conceiving a new project, you’d like advice on other funding programs that partner with the Trust, or if you’re ready to apply for funding, we welcome you calling or emailing us. The earlier the better as we work in true partnership with the projects the Trust invests in and we’re dedicated to supporting you. If you have a funded project and you’re looking to provide a report, we can assist you with that as well. Please contact: 

Denice Regnier
Manager Programs and Corporate Affairs