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Capital and Innovation Program

a lone employee harvests oysters along the coastline in Fanny Bay, Vancouver Island.
Fanny Bay Oysters is a fully integrated shellfish farming company on Vancouver Island. Photo courtesy of Geoff Heith

We invest in regional and community-based infrastructure that supports sustainable economic diversification and growth that strengthens wellbeing in coastal communities. Through the Capital and Innovation Program, we can invest up to $200,000 into public and community-owned capital projects and knowledge infrastructure.

With the Capital and Innovation Program, our primary goals are to:

  • Grow and diversify inclusive local and regional economies.
  • Spur new investment by First Nations, local governments, private industry, social enterprises, and the provincial and federal governments through collaborative partnerships.
  • Create new revenue streams that will be re-invested into projects and communities.
  • Increase climate resiliency.
  • Build long-term assets that are financially sustainable.

Types of Organizations We Fund

We welcome proposals that are led by any of the following organizations:

First Nations
Governments, bands, corporations controlled by First Nations

Local and Regional Governments
Municipalities, regional districts, and incorporated areas

Registered not-for-profit organizations and charities

  • Local community-based organizations
  • Economic development organizations
  • Industry associations
  • Regional and sectoral organizations
  • Educational organizations and institutions

We encourage proposals that foster economic reconciliation with First Nations and Indigenous people by creating meaningful partnerships and mutually beneficial opportunities based on a holistic, values-driven approach to attaining community economic prosperity.

While we don’t fund individuals or businesses, we encourage public projects that are partnerships with the private sector.

Impact Focus

We build a resilient and inclusive economy in partnership with coastal communities by investing in sustainable development projects that focus on one or more of the following eight impact priorities. When you apply for funding, we ask that you identify the primary Impact Focus your project will deliver on. For information on each focus, please see the overviews on the following pages.

Funding Program Application Guide

In line with our 2023-2026 Strategic Plan and our commitment to fostering inclusive economic development growth that enhances community wellbeing across our region, we have updated our Capital and Innovation program.

In 2024, we streamlined the Capital and Innovation program, removing our prior application streams with varying guidelines to a single, straightforward application process. Our work centres on supporting communities and organizations in their development of project plans with a focus on long-term financial sustainability and risk management.

In our guide, we share valuable insights into our program with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, including:

  • How we focus on impact through 8 Impact priorities with examples of eligible projects.
  • How we commit to working with you on the development of your project plan, including your capital expenditure budget and operating plan.
  • How we engage regional leadership in our decision-making process to make good decisions.
  • How we support you with media outreach, community engagement, and project reporting. 

Continuous Funding Intake

With our focus on working closely with you on the development of your project plan, we no longer work towards application deadlines. Our approach is more collaborative, allowing us to work with you in the development of your project. In this approach, we dedicate our staffing time and expertise to supporting your project planning instead of following a strict grant application intake cycle, where the capital expenditure or operational/financial planning may not be complete. In this way, we work with you to de-risk your project, with a focus on achieving a true impact that will strengthen wellbeing of your community over the long term from the project investments we make with you.

Our board of directors meets to review project proposals and to make funding decisions three times each year. Each round of funding is put forward to the Regional Advisory Committees in February, May, and November. If we receive more proposals than our annual program funding budget, we will assess each project and the Regional Advisory Committee(s) and board of directors will rank-order projects.

Working in Collaboration with You

We welcome every opportunity to work collaboratively with you as you develop your project plan. We are available by phone, video conference, and we are also happy to meet in-person, often traveling to your community to speak with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

We invite you to contact us while you develop your project plan before you start a funding application. By sharing your organization’s project plan with us, we can work in collaboration with you to then develop your funding application.

Denice RegnierDenice Regnier
Manager, Funding Programs and Corporate Affairs

Please call Denice at 250-871-7797 or email