Culture and Nature-based Tourism

The KCFN-owned Walters Cove Resort is a floating resort on northwest Vancouver Island.
Photo Courtesy of Walters Cove Fishing Resort

We are committed to supporting local businesses that enhance tourism experiences in our communities, especially when focused on Indigenous, cultural, and nature-based tourism experiences.

We encourage proposals for region-wide and community-led initiatives incentivizing tourism to be developed and sustained in a just, equitable, and responsible way that promotes fairer income distribution, maximizes local economic benefits, and advocates for workers.

By investing in community-owned and public infrastructure, the Trust works to facilitate shifts in the coastal tourism sector to improve its long-term sustainability: responding to the climate crisis, conserving biodiversity and cultural heritage, addressing over tourism, and narrowing the wealth gap.

Project Highlight

Strategic Tourism Acquisition in Kyuquot

In 2023, the Ka:’yu:’k’t’h’/Che:k:tles7et’h’ and the Trust invested in the acquisition of a year-round, fully self-contained, floating lodge that will help with visitor growth and tourism diversification opportunities at Walters Cove Fishing Resort. This strategic investment also anticipates use during the off-season, providing community services, hosting gatherings, and offering accommodation for contractors on other long-term infrastructure projects.

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2024 Project Update:

Strategic Tourism Acquisition in Kyuquot
New Indigenous-owned luxury resort business will drive visitor attraction and ecotourism in Kyuoquot Sound

Project Update:

Ka:’yu:’k’t’h’ / Che:k’tles7et’h’ First Nations’ Strategic Planning Lessons
Exploring a new five-year strategic plan designed to secure economic security and self-sufficiency for the Nation.

Tiicma’s Website:

Walter’s Cove Resort
BC’s best kept secret for salmon and halibut fishing on Vancouver Island.

More Culture and Nature-based Tourism Projects:

News Release:

Diversifying and Expanding Cumberland Lake Park Campground
New glamping sites to extend visitor season and offer low-impact camping at the Cumberland Lake Park Campground.

Funded Project:

Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet
Ucluelet’s Wild Pacific Trails has undergone a multi-phase development process, including several key project initiatives supported by the Trust.

The Fox Group kayak campsite is located in a stunning setting, surrounded by the towering coast range mountains and the ocean.

Funded Proejct:

Fox Group Island (Lixis) Kayak Campsite
The new campground, builds on Ḵwiḵwa̱sut’inux̱w Ha̱xwa’mis First Nation’s Come Back Home plan.