Transportation and Logistics

An aerial view of the Port McNeill marina on the north coast of vancouver island during a sunrise.
Photo courtesy of the Town of Port McNeill

We believe long-term sustainable transportation and logistics infrastructure directly increases economic activity in the commercial, industrial, small business, and tourism sectors.

We encourage proposals that seek to expand, and enhance harbours, marinas, wharves, and airports in coastal communities, aiming to bolster their efficiency, capacity, and resilience. We also seek proposals that improve logistics and warehouse facilities, aiming to optimize supply chain efficiency for local businesses.

By investing in transportation and logistics infrastructure, the Trust aims to build a foundation for sustainable economic growth and resilience. These investments are designed to enhance public infrastructure crucial for improving access to local markets, reducing supply chain vulnerabilities, fostering innovation, and supporting the diverse economic activities that define the wellbeing of coastal communities.

Project Highlight

Port McNeill Harbour Expansion

In 2019, the Town of Port McNeill and the Trust invested in the development of the community’s harbour,  expanding moorage capacity by 70%. The expansion included a new float and ramp, which improved the harbour’s commercial and industrial offloading capacity. This project has spurred further investment in the community by local businesses and has become a foundation for both tourism and commercial activity locally.

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The Port McNeill Marina development shows nearly 100 boats along docks alongside the downtown area.

Funded Project:

Port McNeill Harbour Development
This investment increased moorage revenues by 75%.

An evening view of the Port McNeill Harbour and marina taken by a drone.

Vancouver Island North:

North Island Marina
The North Island Marina is a fully equipped facility, designed for locals and tourists.

More Transportation and Logistics

Funded Project:

Nanaimo Airport Expansion
Improved reliability attracted Westjet Encore, which introduced daily flights from Nanaimo to Calgary in June 2013. Three years later, the Nanaimo Airport welcomed the two millionth passenger.

News Release:

Mayne Island Renews Pivotal Community Gateway at Miners Bay
Revitalizing the Miners Bay dock will expand economic potential including tourism

While under construction, the Secret beach Marina is illuminated by flood lights.

Funded Project

Secret Beach Marina
By 2022, the total local spending impact by boaters and tourists attracted to the marina is estimated to exceed $1.35 million.