Impact Focus

We build a resilient and inclusive economy in partnership with coastal communities by investing in sustainable development projects that focus on the following eight impact priorities.

Food Security and Agrifood

We invest in projects that enable entrepreneurs, family-owned businesses, and companies to invest in and grow the agrifood sector across the communities we serve.

Entrepreneurs and Local Businesses​

We focus our investments into a wide range of projects that directly result in entrepreneurs and local businesses growing and thriving across Vancouver Island and the coast.

Cultural and Nature-based Tourism

We focus our investments into permanent visitor attractions that directly increase visitation to the region for Indigenous, cultural, and nature-based tourism experiences that support local businesses and people.

Transportation and Logistics

We focus our investments into long-term sustainable transportation and logistics infrastructure and initiatives that directly increase economic activity in the commercial, industrial, small business, and tourism sectors.

Innovation and Technology

We focus our investments into innovative new initiatives, knowledge infrastructure, and technologies that create family-supporting jobs, increase productivity, spur growth, and increase local business sector competitiveness.

Training and Advanced Education

We focus our investments into business accelerators and infrastructure or equipment projects that enable organizations to deliver new training, skills development, and certification programs in our region for in-demand jobs or to prepare local residents for employment in new economic sectors.

Renewable and Low Carbon Energy

The electric vehicle charging station in Gold River, B.C. was installed by BC Hydro.
Photo Courtesy of BC Hydro

We focus our investments into infrastructure that displaces fossil fuel dependency, promotes energy conservation, and creates new sources of renewable energy that drive increasing revenues or achieve substantive cost savings.

Regenerative Forestry

Photo Courtesy of the Cortes Community Forest Cooperative

We focus our investments into diverse projects focused on ecologically responsible and regenerative forest stewardship that fosters and supports healthy Indigenous and rural communities and their economies.