Regenerative Forestry

Photo courtesy Cortes Community Forest Cooperative

We focus our investments on diverse projects focused on ecologically responsible and regenerative forest stewardship that fosters and supports healthy indigenous and rural communities and their economies.

We encourage proposals that focus on transitioning the Vancouver Island and coastal forest sector to go beyond minimizing ecological harm (i.e. “sustainability) and to actively renew valuable and vulnerable landscapes through new economic opportunities. Like regenerative and organic farming, regenerative forestry generates products for our use, while improving the conditions within which it operates in a way conducive to human wellbeing.

New Focus

Regenerative Forestry is a new area of impact focus for the Trust in 2024. We look forward to receiving innovative project proposals that renew at-risk landscapes through new economic development. The types of projects we hope to fund include:

  • Establishment and development of community-owned forests.
  • Forest farming and non-timber forest product development (i.e. botanicals, essential oils, medicinal herbs, mushrooms, wild berries, etc).
  • Carbon sequestration projects that re-invest in local economies.
  • Value-added wood product manufacturing start-ups, expansions, and equipment.
  • Establishment of Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs) in tandem with attracting new investment and creating sustainable economic opportunities.

Regenerative Forestry Projects in Our Region

This is a new focus for the trust, so we look forward to to upcoming project proposals and announcements.

Cortes Island Community Forest

Visit their website.
As a cooperative organization, the Cortez Island Community Forest is guided by its members for the betterment of their community.

Forest for Dinner

Visit their website.
Forest for Dinner packages and processes small-batch selections of mushrooms, greens, berries, and spices into fresh, frozen & preserved market-ready products.

Read our story about Forest for Dinner.

Cumberland Community Forest Society

Visit their website.
The CCFS is a grass roots charitable not for profit dedicated to purchasing, protecting and restoring the Cumberland Forest.