Renewable and Low Carbon Energy

The electric vehicle charging station in Gold River, B.C. was installed by BC Hydro.
This BC Hydro initiative in Gold River serves as a model the demonstrates an initiative that would align with our Capital and Innovation Program. Photo courtesy of BC Hydro

We are committed to infrastructure projects that displace fossil fuel dependency, promote energy conservation, and create new sources of renewable energy that drive increasing revenues or achieve substantive cost savings.

We encourage proposals for projects that either focus on or incorporate renewable and low carbon energy solutions. We proactively seek opportunities to invest with First Nations and rural communities who are working to strengthen energy stability and sovereignty, while reducing their dependency on fossil fuels to power, grow, and sustain their communities.

Project Highlight

North Vancouver Island EV Charging Network

In 2023, the Regional District of Mount Waddington and the Trust invested to build a network of 18 electrical vehicle (EV) charging stations across northern Vancouver Island. This investment will enable travel for electric vehicle drivers between rural communities, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and cutting greenhouse gas emissions, aiding Canada’s efforts to meet its emissions reduction targets.

Learn More About the Project

A stock image of an electric car charging with a person waiting in the background working on an ipad.

Funded Proejct:

North Vancouver Island EV Charging Network
Increasing the number of charging stations on the North Island increases the viability of electric vehicles in the region.

A BCHydro electric car charges at a station in Gold River.

News Release:

North Island Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations Anticipate Trends
This new project will install 18 new Electrical Vehicle charging stations in publicly accessible areas across North Vancouver Island.

Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Projects in Our Region

This is a new focus for the trust, so we look forward to to upcoming project proposals and announcements.

The Walters Cove Fishing Resort floating hotel building

New Relationship Trust:

Community Energy Diesel Reduction Program
The CEDR Program provides non-repayable funding contributions for clean energy initiatives to eligible off-grid communities that rely on diesel fuel for electricity generation.

An aerial look at the small KHFN community townsite.

Coast Funds:

First Nations Invest in Community Energy Plans, Renewable Energy Projects
Through the Community Energy Diesel Reduction (CEDR) program, 12 First Nations that rely on diesel for electricity receive $7.1 million for community-driven projects.