Innovation and Technology

The staff and board of directors behind the BCSPI enjoy a training session in a boardroom on vancouver island.
Photo courtesy of British Columbia Social Procurement Initiative

We believe innovative new initiatives, knowledge infrastructure, and technologies create family-supporting jobs, increase productivity, spur growth and increase local business sector competitiveness.

We encourage proposals that invest in initiatives directly fostering innovation, resulting in new opportunities for entrepreneurs and local businesses to invest, grow, and thrive in coastal communities. Where opportunities exist, we work to foster partnerships between the private sector (e.g. industry associations) and research or academic institutions.

We also invest in regional initiatives led by non-profits or industry associations that are working to develop new or emerging economic sectors or innovative solutions that focus on long-term sustainable development.

Project Highlight

Creating the BC Social Procurement Initiative

In 2018, Coastal Communities Procurement and the Trust invested in the start-up of Canada’s first regional procurement initiative, which generated significant community benefits from local government purchasing. This initiative achieved over $200 million in social procurement spend within two years. Since evolving into the B.C. Social Procurement Initiative, it has reached over $750 million in spending, and it continues to grow across the province.

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A provincial government meeting regarding BC SPI

Funded Project:

Community Benefit Hub
Since launch, membership has grown continuously and it’s scaled into a province-wide initiative.

BC SPI Website:

British Columbia
Social Procurement Initiative

BC SPI fosters social, environmental, cultural, and economic impact across B.C.

More Innovation and Technology Projects

DER3 Digital Economy restart, recover, reimagine program poster

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DER3: Digital Transformation
After working with almost 400 businesses and over 200 digital service providers, delivering 4,000+ hours of hands-on service, Innovation Island shares their story.

Funded Project:

C2C Threads – Gabriola Island
Recycling Organization
This waste diversion project aims to prevent close to 2 tonnes of textile materials from going into Gabriola’s landfill each month.