Project Title:

Campbell River Airport Runway Expansion

Project Organization:

City of Campbell River

Project Investment:

  • Island Coastal Economic Trust: $2,310,000
  • Build Canada Fund: $4,731,088
  • City of Campbell River: $55,548
  • Total Budget: $7,096,636

Project Highlight:

The City has calculated that a total of 45,793 hours of employment were generated through this project, including both the design and construction efforts.

The City of Campbell River has historically been the hub for resource-based industry on northern Vancouver Island, relying on forestry, mining and fishing as its economic generators. Concerned about the downturn in the resource sector impacting local economy, the City wanted to expand the existing 5000 foot airport runway by 1,500 feet. This would allow for newer and larger aircraft to land at the airport, opening new opportunities in tourism and providing improved infrastructure for attracting and retaining businesses.

Taking advantage of readily available industrial lands surrounding the airport, the expansion project included the extension to the runway, along with relocation of NavCanada Glide Path instrumentation systems, site drainage, runway lighting, field electrical centre, signage and improvements to the airport terminal building.

Completed in June 2012, Campbell River’s airport expansion was crucial for attracting and retaining businesses in the region and developing a broader and more-resilient economic base for the community. Campbell River is one of the fastest growing municipalities on the Island and the improved airport provides important transportation options into the city and the whole North Island. The increased capacity also provides the region with a wide range of options to attract high value businesses and industry to the surrounding industrial land.

Island Coastal Economic Trust approved funding for this project in 2012 through the Capital and Innovation program.