Project Title:

Coal Harbour Dock Expansion

Project Organization:

Quatsino Community Society

Project Investment:

  • Island Coastal Economic Trust: $100,000
  • In Kind Contribution: $124,670
  • Total Budget: $1,246,700

Project Highlight:

Coal Harbour is a launch point for fishing charters, boaters, kayakers and campers heading to explore the North Island. Usage increased by approximately 30%, during the first summer after the dock expansion was complete.

Coal Harbour is a beautiful, northern Vancouver Island destination near Port Hardy and gateway to Quatsino Sound and the West Coast. The community, once solely reliant on the fishing, mining, and logging industries sought to diversify its economy through tourism by developing its waterfront resources. The first step towards developing the tourism sector was to build a solid foundation of good, basic services through the Coal Harbour Infrastructure project. Phase 1 of the project has seen significant repairs and additions made to the small wharf at the center of town.

To make the wharf more functional and inviting for both visiting boaters and tourists, the expansion project replaced the decking on the entire wharf and approach, added two finger floats, built washroom and laundry facilities and improved the dock office space to act as a visitor information service.

Completed in September 2008, the upgraded Coal Harbour wharf and dock is now a welcoming feature of the community and provides expanded moorage for both commercial and recreational boats. The success of this initiative has enabled the expansion of tourism related businesses in the region.

Island Coastal Economic Trust approved funding for this project in 2008 through the Capital and Innovation program.