Project Title:

Gibsons Public Market

Project Organization:

Gibsons Community Building Society

Project Investment:

  • Island Coastal Economic Trust: $400,000
  • Gibsons Community Building Society: $517,411
  • Town of Gibsons: $275,000
  • In Kind Contribution: $395,000
  • CIBC: $100,000
  • BMO: $50,000
  • Sunshine Coast Credit Union: $21,000
  • VanCity Community Foundation: $20,000
  • Enabling Accessibility: $50,000
  • Other funding (Private Campaign): $441,589
  • Total Budget: $2,270,000

Project Highlight:

Ongoing impacts from the Public Market and Marine Education Centre after 5 years are estimated to result in 40.9 local jobs.

Public farmers’ markets are an important space for local growers to sell their goods. They also serve as an entry-point for food producers looking to refine their products and develop their business. To address the need for a year-round, permanent, indoor public market, the Gibsons Community Building Society fundraised diverse support from businesses across the Sunshine Coast.

Now a central gathering space, the Gibsons Public Market is a significant community amenity that supports a variety of activities in addition to its core function as a farmers’ market. A community kitchen is host to cooking demonstrations and community classes, while the Marine Education Centre serves as an additional tourism amenity for visitors.  Vendors are directly supported by a business incubator that supports small-scale food producers to refine their products and grow their business.

In March 2017, the Market opened its doors, helping support new agriculture and value-added agricultural businesses in the Sunshine Coast area, adding vitality to the economy and quality of life. The Public Market and Marine Education Centre will also support related business development in the hospitality and marine tourism sectors.  By establishing a new social hub, this project also supports retention and attraction of youth, as well as the expansion of local businesses on the Sunshine Coast.

Island Coastal Economic Trust approved funding for this project in 2017 through the Capital and Innovation program.