Project Title:

Powell River Waterfront South Harbour

Project Organization:

City of Powell River

Project Investment:

  • Island Coastal Economic Trust: $2,237,830
  • Total Budget: $5,938,039

Project Highlight:

The project has expanded the commercial harbour area, enabling transient vessels to stop in for supplies, allowing recreational boaters and tourists to explore the City, giving the commercial fishing fleet room to expand, and increasing opportunities for a variety of marine commercial service businesses.

The Westview Waterfront is the heart of Powell River and is the convergence point for ferries from Comox, Texada Island and a mid-trip departure point for a Circle Tour Route. The South Harbour area of the waterfront is a port for the local commercial fishing fleet and was at full capacity. City planners assessed areas of economic development in the community and realized there was significant growth potential in creating a more welcoming waterfront to accommodate the increasing recreational boat traffic. Additionally, the moorage for commercial fishing vessels was outdated and required upgrading.

To attract recreational boating visitors, the City of Powell River redeveloped the transient boating harbour on the south side of the Westview Waterfront. Moorage space increased by 56% to 1,270m with the addition of new floats and a realigned breakwater providing access for larger boats.

The new marina configuration, completed in 2013, has room for more commercial fishing fleet vessels, recreational boaters and additional support services. Both commercial and recreational visitors now benefit from improved parking with easy access to the marina. Making the improvements to the Westview Waterfront has helped encourage visitors to stop and stay in Powell River as they explore the North Island and Coast region.

Island Coastal Economic Trust approved funding for this project in 2012 through the Capital and Innovation program.