Project Title:

Denman Island Community Dock

Project Organization:

Denman Island Residents Association

Sources of Funding:

  • ICET Contribution: $115,503
  • WestCCAP: $119,328
  • Community Donations: $47,646
  • In kind: $79,124
  • Total Budget: $361,601

Quick Facts:

The new dock allows commercial vessels and recreational boaters to stop for lunch, shop, visit the Museum and view art on Denman Island.


Denman Island had been without a small-boat community dock for almost 20 years — ever since the government dock was removed due to deterioration. The lack of a public docking facility had limited the attraction of recreational boaters to the community and impeded the growth of businesses in the commercial fishing, aquaculture, tour and charter operations, kayak rentals and float plane industries. With the only dock being the ferry terminal, it also limited emergency access impacting the safety of the community.
Denman Islanders rallied together to get the work done and the Denman Island Community Dock project was built near the west Denman ferry terminal, creating a welcoming area for visitors. It has a shoreline entrance area with parking, a visitor information kiosk and a landscaped green area along a retaining wall with railing. The space also features a landscaped area designed to accommodate craftspeople and food vendors. Wide aluminum walkways extend to the dock float allowing for easily loading and unloading of boats. The float has ample moorage for visiting craft and provides easy water access to the community.
Completed in 2011, the new dock site is within walking distance of Denman Island Village, the main commercial area of the community. Now visitors to the Denman Island can inquire about accommodations, restaurants and local attractions at the kiosk en route to the Village. The oceanfront site provides space for local craftspeople and food vendors catering to travellers both arriving and departing from the Island.  Increased activity and growth in food and craft markets is known to be a good business incubator for smaller communities, allowing small food and craft vendors to develop new products and establish sustainable businesses.