Project Title:

Info-To-Go Mobile Visitor Centre

Project Organization:

Cowichan Lake District Chamber of Commerce

Project Investment:

  • Island Coastal Economic Trust: $30,000
  • Applicant's Equity: $30,000
  • In-Kind: $10,000
  • Lake Cowichan and CVRD F&I: $5,000
  • Destination BC: $6,500
  • Private Sector: $5,000
  • Public Contributions: $1,400
  • Total Budget: $90,400

Project Highlight:

The Info-To-Go Centre debuted alongside the 150th Canada Day celebrations at Mesachie Lake.

Home to the Lake Town Ranch, Lake Cowichan attracts over 50,000 attendees during SunFest and other major outdoor events. However, the majority of festival-goers were not stopping at the Lake Cowichan Visitor Center while attending events throughout the area. This resulted in lost opportunity to direct guests to local businesses, lodgings and encourage longer stays.

Led by the Cowichan Lake District Chamber of Commerce, this project consisted of design and construction of a mobile visitor centre that can be easily deployed at events around Lake Cowichan. The mobile visitor unit includes information about amenities and hospitality, iPads for online bookings, pop-up tents and chairs and free wi-fi to attract visitors and provide information at events directly.

The project was completed in July 2017 and debuted alongside the 150th Canada Day celebrations at Mesachie Lake. Anticipated outcomes include increased length of stay and return visits among guests; increased spending for hospitality and local services; and support for new business growth and development.

Island Coastal Economic Trust approved funding for this project in 2019 through the Capital and Innovation program.