Project Title:

Ka:’yu:’k’t’h’/Che:k’tles7et’h’ First Nations Floating Lodge

Project Organization:

Ka:’yu:’k’t’h’/Che:k’tles7et’h’ First Nations (KCFN)

Project Investment:

  • Island Coastal Economic Trust: $300,000
  • Applicant Equity: $1,787,000
  • Total Budget: $2,087,000

Project Highlight:

Walters Cove 2022 season exceeded its revenue targets, increasing from 812K to 1152K due to larger facility, and with less than half a sales season following a two-year closure due to the pandemic.

Eco-tourism and authentic Indigenous tourism experiences continue to be rapidly growing sectors, particularly for rural, remote, and Indigenous communities.  

On the North Island, on the other coast of Kyuquot Sound, the Ka:’yu:’k’t’h’/Che:k’tles7et’h’ First Nations (KCFN) are capitalizing on opportunities to expand their tourism offerings with the purchase of an off-grid, floating accommodation.   

The new lodge, which carries the Walters Cove Resort name, has its own commercial kitchen, refrigeration, and water and waste filtration system and has the capacity to hold nearly triple the number of guests as the previous lodge. There is also a dining room, camp lounge, games room, fitness and exercise room, laundry room, patio areas, and hot tub.  

This acquisition will also allow the Nation to support staff with adequate and permanent housing, as well as create rental space for families, gathering, and meetings for the Nations during the shoulder seasons.  

Island Coastal Economic Trust approved funding for this project in 2022 through the Capital and Innovation program.