Project Title:

Mount Cain Alpine Park

Project Organization:

Mount Cain Alpine Park Society

Project Investment:

  • Island Coastal Economic Trust: $12,000
  • Mt Cain Alpine Park Society: $12,000
  • Total Budget: $24,000

Project Highlight:

This project has contributed directly to increased skier visits to Mt. Cain and employment increases. It has been estimated that Mt. Cain hads the capacity to increase its skier visits from 200 to 300 per day.

Mount Cain Alpine Park is a community-owned ski hill and an important regional asset that helps retain youth and provide seasonal employment opportunities on the North Island. The hill — widely known for excellent powder snow at high elevations and easy backcountry access — has struggled with low snowpack at lower elevations, curtailing operations early and late into the season.

This project conducted work on the lower section of the ski hill, allowing Mount Cain to open with less snowpack than was previously required. Stumps, rocks and brush were removed and terrain re-contoured on lower elevation slopes in order to minimize snow melt due to “solar loading” on uneven ground.

The project works, completed over the Summer of 2018, will enable Mt. Cain to open under low snow conditions and operate later into the ski season. Extending Mount Cain’s operating season is anticipated to increase ski visitation and demand for accommodation. This helps support the resort’s long-term sustainability, employment opportunities and tourism activity within gateway communities.