Project Title:

Wild Pacific Trail - Ancient Cedars

Project Organization:

Wild Pacific Trail Society

Project Investment:

  • Island Coastal Economic Trust: $55,500
  • District of Ucluelet: $101,900
  • Total Budget: $171,741

Project Highlight:

Opening up Ucluelet’s spectacular coastline has attracted visitors and diversified the local economy toward tourism. 

The Wild Pacific Trail is a world-class tourism product in Ucluelet which attracts significant numbers of visitors to Ucluelet and the Pacific Rim. Since the first phase of trail development was initiated in 1999, the Wild Pacific Trail Society has gradually expanded the Trail and improved supporting infrastructure. An initial ICET investment of $95,000 in 2007, helped to spur investment in luxury accommodations, residential real estate and hospitality. Building on the success of 2007, the Ancient Cedars section aimed to further improve and expand the trail to the benefit of residents and visitors alike.

This project focused on constructing a new 1500-metre trail section designed to showcase the beautiful headlands and coastline of the region as well as a stand of old-growth trees. The trail through the old-growth trees will be known as the Walk of Giants and features trees that are up to 40’ around at the base. This new section of trail diversifies the Trail’s terrain and the construction of a new access point will support the Trail as it continues to grow in popularity.

This phase of trail development, completed in 2014, created 179 person-days of employment during construction and there was a corresponding overall growth in tourism activity throughout the region. Increased capacity and distance have attracted new visitors and helped to keep visitors in the region longer. The trail is often cited as the main reason why many businesses have invested in Ucluelet or why new residents have chosen to move there. Shortly after the completion of the Ancient Cedars section of the trail, the Wild Pacific Trail achieved the #1 ranking on TripAdvisor for all attractions in British Columbia. Its ranking consistently remains in the top 6 British Columbia attractions and has helped to confirm Ucluelet’s reputation as one of the top tourism destinations in British Columbia.

Island Coastal Economic Trust approved funding for this project in 2014 through the Capital and Innovation program.