Project Title:

Beaver Creek Community Pavilion

Project Organization:

Beaver Creek Community Club

Project Investment:

  • Island Coastal Economic Trust: $25,000
  • 4VI: $25,000
  • Total Budget: $50,000

Project Highlight:

The Beaver Creek Community Hall is owned and operated by the Beaver Creek Community Club, made up of community members who join to build community, care for the hall and property, and run events.

The Beaver Creek Community Club, situated just over 15 kilometres outside of Port Alberni, hosts several free and often large family events throughout the year.  However, a lack of suitable sites to host these events safely and comfortably has restricted the amount, types, and numbers of events that can take place here. 

This project will build a much-needed outdoor pavilion as a response to the Community Club’s commitment to creating a welcoming space for residents and visitors alike. The covered area will serve as a hub for a myriad of events – from school group nature camps, festivals, and family gatherings – to help foster a stronger sense of community and provide a sheltered space for year-round activities.   

The project has generated conversations about the pavilion’s design and other collaborative ventures and partnerships that could enrich the local economy. 

Island Coastal Economic Trust approved funding for this project in 2023 through the Community Placemaking program.