Project Title:

Millard Learning Centre Backcountry Campsite

Project Organization:

Galiano Conservancy Association

Project Investment:

  • Island Coastal Economic Trust: $14,800
  • Applicant Contribution: $14,800
  • Total Budget: $29,600

The Millard Learning Centre is a 188-acre property used for nature-based learning on Galiano Island. The centre initially lost 90% of its bookings due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Groups could not be safely hosted in shared spaces, leading to ongoing scheduling conflicts and diminished capacity. The creation of the Backcountry Campsite increases the options for overnight accommodation required to facilitate immersive, multi-day environmental education, and host volunteers for ecological restoration projects.

The new Backcountry Campsite features 12 tenting pads, four picnic tables, group campfire with cedar benches, and upgraded access road and trails. The campsite’s wash station is plumbed with 3000 gallons of potable water, with wastewater treated naturally onsite. In addition to food storage and compost bin designs that are safe for wildlife, there is an innovative two-stall composting toilet. As the campsite is located in an ecological restoration area, these practical necessities offer learning opportunities about green building and environmental stewardship.

The Backcountry Campsite will be featured in fundraising events, walking tours, and on a newly launched GCA website, benefiting the organization’s long-term capacity to sustain and diversify their social enterprise while remaining financially viable.