Project Title:

HUB Resiliency Through Technology

Project Organization:

Cowichan Station Area Association

Project Investment:

  • Island Coastal Economic Trust: $8,637
  • Applicant Contribution: $8,637
  • Total Budget: $17,274

Pre-Covid19, Cowichan Station’s HUB was a busy, thriving community center with steady operational revenues from special events and community programming. This project enabled the HUB to quickly pivot to a diversified revenue model, facilitated by the installation of advanced audio/visual tools and technologies. This new equipment and software enhances its newly renovated, bright and affordable meeting and working spaces, enabling the HUB to reach a wider array of user groups, and meet current and future community and business demands.

Users/renters have access to live-streaming, video conferencing, podcasting and recording capability for any individual, business, local group or organizational meetings. These capabilities allow user groups to remain connected to their clients, students, supporters and networks thereby strengthening their economic resiliency, and supporting the local and regional economy through their economic impact.

Island Coastal Economic Trust approved funding for this project in 2020 through the Community Placemaking program.