Project Title:

Ladysmith Economic Development Strategy

Project Organization:

Economic Development Cowichan

Sources of Funding:

  • ICET Contribution: $15,000
  • Economic Development Cowichan: $5,250
  • Town of Ladysmith: $5,250
  • Nanaimo Airport Authority: $1,000
  • Szt-uminous First Nations: $1,000
  • Ladysmith Downtown Business Association: $1,000
  • Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce: $1,500
  • Total Budget: $30,000


Located between Vancouver Island’s two major urban centers, the Town of Ladysmith is uniquely positioned to attract new business development. Multiple organizations in the region have led independent economic development efforts, however there was an opportunity for greater efficiencies and outcomes through collaboration under a unified strategy.
In November 2017 a working partnership was formed between the Town of Ladysmith; Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce; Economic Development Cowichan; Ladysmith Downtown BIA; Community Futures Central Island; and the Stz’uminus First Nations to deliver a single, comprehensive economic development strategy for the region. The Nanaimo Airport Authority is also a partner in funding the work.
The project included stakeholder consultation and creation of a steering committee to assess existing plans and documents and identify economic priorities. Outcomes included an up to date inventory of all projects in progress, a list of priority projects, and a three-year implementation plan including research into funding mechanisms.