Project Title:

Salt Spring Island Resiliency Roadmap for Local Businesses

Project Organization:

Salt Spring Island Community Economic Sustainability Commission

Project Investment:

  • Island Coastal Economic Trust: $10,000
  • Applicant Equity: $10,000
  • Total Budget: $20,000

Project Highlight:

Salt Spring Island is the largest, most populous, and the most frequently visited of the Southern Gulf Islands.

The Salt Spring Island Community Economic Sustainability Commission (CESC) project builds on recommendations from a 2018 insights study of the Island’s economic environment on how to increase the Island’s economic readiness and capacity.  

This project supports the CESC’s hosting of a series of community conversations designed to create a resiliency roadmap. They created a Community Economic Forum on recovery and well-being, with a focus on retaining and strengthening existing businesses, and attracting new, green, and clean businesses. 

The 2018 study will be updated as part of this roadmap initiative, including a review of the area’s key sectors such as agriculture, hospitality/accommodation, food services, the arts, trades, retail, health, and recreation. 

Island Coastal Economic Trust approved funding for this project in 2023 through the Investment Readiness program.