Project Title:

Cowichan Valley Regional Tech Strategy

Project Organization:

Economic Development Cowichan - CVRD

Project Investment:

  • Island Coastal Economic Trust: $10,000
  • Economic Development Cowichan: $15,000
  • Total Budget: $25,000

The Cowichan Valley is home to several digital animation companies, software developers, and thought-leaders in the tech industry. To accelerate and grow tech in the region, Economic Development Cowichan (EDC) has identified it as a priority for 2017.

This project consists of the development of a comprehensive strategy to attract, retain and support the tech industry. The strategy included the identification of existing companies, and defining types of new tech companies that are likely to evolve over the next decade. The strategic plan also highlights advantages, inherent in the Cowichan Valley, for tech startups and relocations, as well as an identification of industry needs that require action. This also include the role that industry associations and post-secondary institutions can play in growing human resources along with the partnerships and investment tools anticipated to advance the sector.

The project’s outcomes include retention and growth of existing tech companies in the region; attraction of new companies; creation of related tech infrastructure to support that growth; and strengthening the collaboration between regional partners to incentivize tech investment across the Cowichan Valley.

Island Coastal Economic Trust funded this project on 2017 through the Investment Readiness program.