VOICES: Staying safe while skiing at Mount Cain

Jennifer Lash

Jennifer Lash, Mount Cain Alpine Park
Director of Communications

“We have been able to forget, for a moment, that we are living in a pandemic.

(Initially), this was the scariest for us, because we’re a not-for-profit and have no buffer for times like this. We had to seriously downsize the space we would normally rent out to guests, while increasing our costs to make the environment COVID safe.

It’s also been amazing to have ICET’s support in ensuring health and safety modifications to keep our staff safe – whether that be at the lodge, ticket booth or staff accommodations. We were able to keep employing our kids on the hill, running lifts, snowmobiles… It’s more than just a work experience or sports exposure for them. While they probably wish they could hang out and party a bit more, we are able to provide safe employment and accommodation.

Having the beer garden has also made a huge difference in creating a really nice place to stay for a quick beer, in a safe space.

We feel lucky, as the season has been really busy with a great turnout of people who have shown so much resilience and responsibility (in wearing masks) and watching out for one another.

Mt Cain is about keeping skiing affordable and accessible for people on the North Island. Thanks to this project, we’ve able to continue doing that.”

The “Mount Cain 2020/21 Season” project received $14,390. These funds were used to ensure Mount Cain could safely meet all health and safety requirements. Project activities included structural modifications to maximize the safe use of several buildings, including staff accommodation, the Kapitany Lodge, the Day Lodge and the ski shop / ticket booth; the purchase of two sea cans for additional storage and all required COVID-related safety equipment and supplies, including signage.