Project Title:

Cortes Island Visitor Kiosk

Project Organization:

Cortes Island Business and Tourism

Sources of Funding:

  • ICET Contribution: $
  • Total Budget: $19500


Cortes Island has a thriving summer tourism industry, attracting visitors looking to explore dozens of hiking trails, viewpoints, and beaches. However, with no “gateway” for arrivals, and limited signage, the opportunity to market activities and services to visitors was not being optimized. Cortes Island Business and Tourism group designed and built a unique mobile visitor information kiosk which will be set up at the BC Ferry terminals in Campbell River, Quadra and Cortes.  In addition, the kiosk will be deployed at special seasonal events around the island, as well as to trade shows – further promoting the island’s attractions, businesses and opportunities to visitors, potential investors and new residents. Completed in fall 2015, the new visitor kiosk and signage are encouraging longer stays for summer visitors, and helping to bring shoulder-season tourists to the Island.

Project Completion Date: